Yet more variety of subject matter to keep me busy!

It was lovely to meet Mia and Stephen today who came to collect their commission of the leaves in the tree trunk. It is a birthday present for their friend who they are seeing tomorrow so hopefully the carving will go down well and will soon be settled into their garden.

The snowdrop bookends have also been sent off and should be well be on their way to Glasgow by now.

Work has started on another owl sculpture, this time for the garden unlike Oswald who’s still flying around the café at the QE country park! I’m also trying out the camcorder to video the various stages of how the sculpture is carved so that will be up on the website soon (although the editing side of things is proving a bit of a challenge so it may be a little while yet!)

Still on an animal theme, I’ve also begun working on a set of three stylised animal sculptures (a giraffe, a zebra and a cheetah) although at this early stage the giraffe still looks more like Anubis but I’m planning on remedying that over the next day or so!

And finally just to mix up the styles a bit more I’m also working on some large lime Acanthus leaves which will form the decoration for a fire screen.

Plenty to keep my busy in the workshop which is just as well considering the miserable weather outside!

Posted on January 24, 2014 .