Lettering, gilding and balancing on a plank...

Here's the Mother's Day doorstop as mentioned in my last post. Featuring the initial of mother, son and daughter, each represented in a different gold leaf (gold, silver and moon gold) it certainly made a very personal gift- just hope nobody stubs their toe on it!

It seems to be a busy time for christenings, weddings and retirements at the moment which provides a great opportunity to create something a bit different. I carved this school logo for Alton Infant School last week as a gift from the parents for the headteacher who's now retiring after 25 years! Hopefully something that she'll be able to treasure and remind her of the school.

And finally I was busy carving 'Coldhill Farmhouse' into this lovely chunky oak beamed porch a couple of weeks ago. As the name suggests it was a tad freezing- hence the many layers. About ten minutes after this picture was taken it began to hail....and then rain....

...and the then the sun came out just when I finished!

 The finished carving

The finished carving

Posted on April 8, 2014 .