So far, so good

So the week before heading off the London was a little hectic but I'm pleased to say I delivered Mr. Highwayman back up to Buckinghamshire where it will stay in storage at the Holt Hotel until they're ready to put him back at the top of the post. 

I also completed this set of six carvings in Lime which will be set into a desk- a really nice gift idea from a wife to her husband. I started these in Canada, finished them back in the Uk and they will be off to New Zealand in October so they are certainly well travelled!

Building Craft Apprenticeship: Week 1

The first week flew by, but it's great to be among like-minded people who are all interested in traditional skills. There's a great mixture of stonemasons, architects, urban designers, a painter and decorator, a natural builder, and carpenter. There are 11 other apprentices which will continue onto the Live Build stage but at this point there is a mix of summer school students and a  group of 16-18 yr olds from the Young Heritage Apprentices.

We had a great week of life drawing, lectures, and a brilliant day on Friday wondering around Spitalfields with our sketchbooks drawing  various architectural details and street scenes followed by a drawing crit and a meal with the lecturers.

Week 2

Off to Edinburgh for one night and I think it's fair to say we all fell in love with the place.

And finally, off to Dumfries House, our home for the next few months. This week we've be trying our hand at thatching, stonemasonry, pargetting, timber framing and lime plastering. Lots of learning and lots of fun! More photos to follow when I can get back on the wi-fi out here in the sticks.

Posted on August 1, 2014 .