Yandles, Vineyards and Clock Towers

So a lot has been going on since my final placement in York! I've moved workshop to a bigger space (with insulation- Hurrah!) and have been getting back into the swing of things with carving commissions and gilding work.

A couple of weeks ago I was demonstrating at the Yandles Spring Woodworking show in Somerset which I hadn't attended before. Met some great people over the course of the two days and it also gave me extra incentive to get my frame gilded (the one I made at Charles Oldham's workshop way back when in Nov 2014!)

Last week I finished these signs for Chilworth Manor Vineyard into some lovely burr oak planks.

 About 1.5m long- yet to be oiled which will really make the tones of the wood come out.

About 1.5m long- yet to be oiled which will really make the tones of the wood come out.

It was great to go back to Chilworth Manor as I've done some work for them in the past and I got to see the large acorn leaf sculpture I carved into now it's silvered down. (And see their Labradoodle again who was just a puppy last time I was there!)

I've also been asked to be involved in the carved elements of the restoration of a clock tower near Salisbury. So off to Fordingbridge I went this weekend to take a look at the columns that need some capitals. They're pretty chunky bits of oak as you can see! They're still green though so it makes carving them a lot kinder on the gouges. The two Mike's from the Ringwood carvers club had already made a start which was a great help. Time is not on our side for this project so I'll be carving away over the next few weekends to get them done, but a great project to be involved in. If somebody could work out how to get some more hours in the day that would be a great help!

Posted on April 27, 2015 .