Bradfield, Winchester and LOTS of lettering

I’ve been busy with lots of lettering both in situ and in the workshop with lots more still to come. I was fortunate to meet Danny Tongeman of Besp-oak Carpentry last week as I’d been asked to carve into the oak bench he had made for a school in Rowledge. As he’s a timber framer who works a lot with listed properties and is also a fan of the Weald and Downland we had much to talk about including plans to carve some pagan symbols into the didgeridoo he plays in his band. 

I loved the idea one of my customers had for a wedding gift which I just finished this morning. The bench has various co-ordinates relating to the locations of their wedding and honeymoon together with the date of the wedding. Admittedly there has been a slight delay in getting the present sorted but I think some things are worth waiting for!

Work began and (continued through the heat wave last week) on these beams at the beautiful Bradfield College near Reading. A stunning location to work in and with gorgeous old buildings to geek out over. My brief was to carve the donors names into the beams of the recently restored 'Stunt Pavilion' .

Now i've stopped gallivanting around the country with the Prince's Foundation course I've finally been around to attend another INTBAU meeting, this time in Winchester. We were given a tour and talks from the ADAM architecture headquarters before a visit to Winchester Cathedral and a walk round town taking in all the beautiful old buildings. ADAM architecture are behind some stunning large scale buildings going up both in England and abroad based on traditional design. They also design new urban developments based on  thorough research into social interaction and requirements in today's world and how town  and architectural design can improve quality of life.

Posted on July 5, 2015 .