A few recent carvings

I'm now fully back into the swing of things following my wonderful trip away so I thought I'd share a few of my latest commissions.

Above is a coat of arms I carved for a wedding present for the marriage of Hannah Milnes and James Sutcliffe. I combined the two family crests to create a new one to represent the joining of the two famlies.

I was asked to carve some lettering into these entrance gates for Universe Gates. A nice bespoke touch to some rather smart looking gates!

These are a pair of hop themed bookends which I designed for a client who was after a leaving present for one of his colleagues. Unfortunately in my haste to get them in the post in time for the deadline I forgot to take a picture of the finished article which was waxed with a medium stain beeswax. So here they are in their almost finished state!

I'm now in the early stages of creating some low relief grotesques for a house which contains some panelling dating back to the 1200's, it's absolutely fascinating seeing the tool marks which were made so many years ago and I'm very excited about the opportunity to contribute to the story of the woodwork in the property!

Also worth a mention is the BBC Four programme "Henry VIII: Patron or Plunderer"  which is worth a watch if you're into such things. Really well presented and full of interesting stuff about architecture and the goings on at the time, the presenter also does some pretty impressive drawings!

Posted on August 4, 2015 .