From Hampshire to Frome, to Scotland and back

I feel like I've spent more time in the car than the workshop over the past couple of weeks but all for very good reasons.

This week I was reunited with the other Prince's Foundation Apprentices that built our Doocot for our Graduation back at Dumfries House. It was fantastic to see everyone again and find out what they're all up to since I saw them last. Our lovely little Doocot has weathered in a bit now but still looks as gorgeous as when we left it in October. Official photos from the ceremony aren't out yet so there's no proof that we did actually meet Prince Charles...I shall post them when I have them! We also bumped into one of this year's apprentices whilst wondering around the workshop, a familiar face as Michael was part of the Summer School section last year.

And from Prince Charles to another Charlie, I stopped by Master Carver Charlie Oldham in Frome for a catch up and some carving advice. I also got to have a cuddle with Murphy the Poodle once he remembered who I was. Scary to think that it was nearly 10 months ago that I was there for my placement, felt like I’d never been away! Here’s a few ornamental mouldings that I was looking at in Charlie's workshop …

So in amongst all that travelling I haven’t managed to get many carvings actually finished although plenty of pieces are underway. This is one of three children’s room door signs that I did  manage to complete. Plenty of pretty flowers and butterflies to brighten little Esme’s door!

Posted on September 13, 2015 .