A packed 6 months...

It's been a while since my last blog post, mainly because (like everyone these days) the weeks have been booked up with work and before you know it, another season has flown by and it's Autumn again!

Here a few highlights showing what I've been up to. Back in May I ran two carving workshops for London Craft Week mentioned in my last post, There were two 1.5 hr workshops limited to 6 per workshop and I was pleased to hear that there was a waiting list for attendance. It was a very basic introduction but everyone went away with a carved initial of their choice and everyone enjoyed themselves which was the main thing!

Ionic Capitals

Back from London and it was straight back into the thick of things working on replicating two Ionic column capitals. The originals were completely rotten and mainly being held together by decades of paint. Initially thought to be carved, it emerged that the decoration was actually applied composition, something I'd done a little of back in my uni days. After a lot of research, planning and hard work, the capitals are now on their columns and I will be completing the in situ fluting next week.

BBC Countryfile filming

Obviously there have been plenty of other commissions going on during the past few months, many of which are shown on my Twitter feed ( fancy bread boards, 33 bee reliefs, a nature themed memorial, awards for the Prince's Foundation and British Fantasy Society among others) and then out of the blue I got a call from BBC Countryfile asking if they could use my workshop as a filming location for an interview with Patricia Lovett from the Heritage Crafts Association. Obviously the answer was yes and it was shown on the 10th September. There was even a nanosecond of me carving!

Woodcarving Magazine

A couple of months ago I was also asked by Woodcarving magazine if they could interview me for a feature in their upcoming issue, again the reply was- "yes of course". As far as I know it'll be in the next issue of the magazine and here's a picture from the article (of course Billy saw his opportunity to find fame, Bobby was fast asleep in the corner as usual) and the cover from the current issue so you know what magazine I'm talking about. It's a very niche market but great exposure.

Posted on October 4, 2017 .