Caring for your Carving

 Sarah hopes that you are pleased with your bespoke hand carved item. As wood is a natural material there is no predicting how it will age, however here are a few maintenance tips to help prolong the life of your carving.

Items for the home 

Sarah uses kiln dried timber for interior products, ensuring that most of the moisture has been removed from the timber. However, it is advised not to place the item in direct sunlight or above a heat source (e.g. radiators). This may result in excessive warping or splitting of the timber. If your carving is finished in beeswax and looking a little tired, then simply apply some beeswax with a lint free cloth, allow to dry for a few minutes before buffing to a sheen.

Chopping boards/Cheeseboards 

To prevent stains and odours soaking into your chopping board/cheeseboard, apply Mineral Oil to the surface and allow to soak in. This will have already been applied for you before being delivered but, depending on the frequency of use, after a couple of months the appearance will become faded. Simply apply liberally with a clean cloth. Mineral Oil is often available at kitchenware shops or can be brought directly from Sarah.

House signs 

All of Sarah’s carved house signs are finished with a mixture of boiled Linseed Oil and genuine Turpentine. Wood will naturally fade and become weathered in time due to being exposed to the elements, however if you wish to give your sign a bit of a clean up, lightly sand the surface with a medium grade sandpaper and apply a mixture 90% Boiled Linseed Oil and 10% Genuine Turpentine. Apply several layers for increased protection from water damage. Please take extra care around any gilded areas when sanding as it may become damaged.

If the sign is placed in an area of direct sunlight, the wood may be prone to bowing/ warping.